01 November 2007

Destination Meta-Guide.com 2.0 Update, November 2007

I spent a few weeks last month in the Australian bush on Aboriginal land with a group of old friends.

Since I’ve come back to my ecological niche in the green Shire, I’ve been inspired to overhaul the “Destination Meta-Guide.com 2.0” (http://www.meta-guide.com/). It is now effectively a “daily green travel newspaper” for virtually every country on Earth. The Destination Meta-Guide.com 2.0 combines elements of both the collaborative “Web 2.0” and the semantic web or “Web 3.0”.

Besides maps and photos for every country, it contains relevant news stories based on my improved green travel taxonomy and the latest green travel news for all countries listed in the right hand sidebar.

The Destination Meta-Guide.com 2.0 also contains a green-travel mini-guide for each country, consisting of up to ten of the most recent postings to the green-travel group for that country. This represents the collaborative or “Web 2.0” element - but, the green-travel group has been in existence since 1991 which not only predates the graphical web we know today, but also the concept of “Web 2.0” itself.

Further, the Destination Meta-Guide.com 2.0 contains an automated selection of green travel links for each country, specially drawn from that country’s national domain. So, if you are operating in a specific country and do not have a web presence under the national top level domain, then to be listed here you should.

The biggest additions lately have been four pages for every country specifically searching respectively Development Agencies, Development Banks, UN Agencies, and international NGOs for green travel topics. In particular, this application represents semantic web or “Web 3.0” technology, in that taxonomic filtering at multiple levels effectively creates semantic relationships, increasing relevancy.

These pages are highly configurable, so any suggestions you might have of what not to include or what to include will be most welcome! Feedback of any kind is encouraged, public or private.

I need your help now to continue this project. I am requesting donations of any amount via paypal.com toward sponsoring my research and development. In return, I will include a link of your choice in recognition of your contribution - and have created a detailed Sponsors page for this purpose at http://www.mendicott.com/meta-guide/sponsors.asp


Unknown said...

Hello Marcus,
Does your blog have an RSS or XML feed?


Marcus L Endicott said...


You should be able to find the atom feed at


Thanks for asking! Marcus