10 January 2011

My Chatbot FAQ

The following is a listing of the questions I have answered on Yahoo! Answers about chatbots over the past year, as a result of building http://twitter.com/yanswersbot ... a Twitter bot performing a persistent search for bots and robots, basically alerting me to new questions. Click on the questions for more detail, as well as for other answers. Blame the slight redundancy on "frequently asked questions".... [Note that the questions themselves are messy, which is something that any question answering system must deal with.]

1) One of the best places to start is the Wikipedia entry for "Chatterbot" at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chatterbot .. (At this point I consider "Chatterbot" to be a derogatory term for currently more sophisticated "chatbots"; certainly earlier examples didn't do much more than "chatter", but today chatbots are much more interactive and responsive..)

2) Today, the hot topic is #IBMWatson, see Wikipedia entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_Watson .. There is a good article about #IBMWatson , "Building Watson: An Overview of the DeepQA Project", AI Magazine, Vol. 31, No. 3. (2010), by D. Ferrucci, E. Brown, J. Chu-Carroll, et al. You can find Stephen Baker at http://twitter.com/SBFinalJeopardy , author of the upcoming "updateable e-book" about #IBMWatson , "Final Jeopardy: Man vs. Machine and the Quest to Know Everything" http://tinyurl.com/2vmsvvu ..

This is not the story you are looking for, but something similar ..

This is also not the story you are looking for, but something related ..

It appears that Mibbit does both IRC and XMPP.. There are many IRC and XMPP chatbots available.. Just try googling "IRC chat-bot" or "XMPP chat-bot"..

Follow my Twitter stream at http://twitter.com/mendicott for new chatbot tools ..

Cleverbot uses string metrics, a technique called "string similarity"..

Cleverbot creator, Rollo Carpenter, discusses his work in a series of videos entitled "Learning Creating Phrasing" => http://tinyurl.com/28zvgeb ..

You will need to clarify this more.

Currently, chatbots are text-in/text-out.

Various text-to-speech (TTS) technologies allow the text to be read out loud.

Windows7 speech tools allow you to input speech via automatic speech recognition (ASR).

[ Cleverbot is a more fuzzy variant of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jabberwacky with deeper context .. ]

[ SmarterChild is dead .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SmarterChild ]

The Wikipedia "Chatterbot" article is probably the best pace to start..

Most basically, chatbots use various forms of "pattern matching"..


List of "Working MSN Chatbots" http://tinyurl.com/y3s6hmz
Chatbots On MSN Messenger, IM And Windows Live Messenger http://chatbots.org/platform/livemessenger/


List of "Working MSN Chatbots" http://tinyurl.com/y3s6hmz
Chatbots On MSN Messenger, IM And Windows Live Messenger http://chatbots.org/platform/livemessenger/

YouTube is a good place to find new chatbots http://youtube.com/results?search_query=chat-bot

Probably the best place to start is http://chatbots.org ..

You can make your own ALICEbot with http://www.pandorabots.com/ ..

Conversive VerbotsOnline is a good alternative at http://www.verbotsonline.com/ ..

Personality Forge seems to be popular http://www.personalityforge.com/ ..

You could also try MyCyberTwin http://www.mycybertwin.com/ ..

You can read about the demise of SmarterChild at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SmarterChild ..

Skype does not have many chatbots because its API is not open to the XMPP/Jabber standard..

Apple iChat is compatible with XMPP/Jabber, so should be able to access most common IM chatbots, for details see http://allforces.com/2005/05/06/ichat-to-msn-through-jabber/ ..

Try this relatively recent list of 124 MSN chatbots at http://www.chatbots.org/platform/livemessenger (If you find dead ones in that list, please leave comments there to that effect ..)

Simply tweet about it on Twitter .. or better .. make it talk to Twitter with something like http://www.tweet.im or http://www.imified.com .. and then tweet about that ..

There are a number of "chatterbot" directories online, try:

Popular "chatterbots" you can try are:


There used to be an informative article about the history of Spleak on Wikipedia, but it seems to have become degraded..

Basically, the company went out of business..

See this link to the Webarchive copy of the last Spleak blog entry, January 2008 => http://tinyurl.com/nqlch4

There are many PHP Twitter bots available ..

Don't spam! :-(

It depends on what kind of "chatroom" you have; but, the "8pla.net forum bot AI (Artificial Intelligence)" at http://www.8pla.net/ is a good place to start.

Try downloading the new Verbot 5 application from =>; http://www.verbots.com/ .


Doidus said...

It seems like the site msnemotion.org is for sale. Anyway, thanks for building the faq!

Marcus L Endicott said...

Doidus, you can still see a 2009 copy of that page on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine: http://bit.ly/prd9V7