06 July 2011

My Cleverbot Tweet-FAQ

This is an experimental "Tweet-FAQ", a cummulative listing of my tweets, microblog postings to Twitter, to date about the chatbot Cleverbot and its sister chatbot Jabberwacky, their creator Rollo Carpenter, and his companies Icogno and Existor.

  • According to Slashdot, Oct 2010, Cleverbot had 45 million lines of memorized user chat, at a rate of doubling every year http://t.co/CRfUpqG
  • http://existor.com .. "conversational AI for business, education and entertainment" .. @existor .. founded by Rollo Carpenter in 2008 ..
  • Not impressed w/ http://cleverbot.com/app "Cleverbot HD" ($2.99) interface.. "emotional avatar" is lame.. needs animated avatar w/ voice-io
  • Version 1.2 sees Cleverbot renamed Cleverbot HD http://tinyurl.com/32xxu74 .. Cleverbot iPhone / iPad app requires WiFi ($2.99) .. #Icogno
  • So I asked Cleverbot.com .. "Are you Bayesian?" .. and it replied "Yes" ..
  • http://liveenglish.ru .. George Jabberwacky teaches Russians English .. first simulator of spoken English .. whole day access only 39 rubles
  • "Learning, creating, phrasing" By Rollo Carpenter, 25th March 2010, Third colloquium on conversational systems http://tinyurl.com/ygbqyyf ..
  • Jabberwacky Cleverbot http://cleverbot.com "learns to be clever from real people, and its AI can 'say' things you may think inappropriate"

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