07 March 2017

Marcus Endicott successfully predicts IBM Watson Salesforce partnership

IBM Watson announced partnership with Salesforce Einstein March 06, 2017.

Mar 06, 2017: IBM and Salesforce today announced a global strategic partnership to deliver joint solutions designed to leverage artificial intelligence and enable companies to make smarter decisions, faster than ever before. With the partnership, IBM Watson, the leading AI platform for business, and Salesforce Einstein, AI that powers the world’s #1 CRM, will seamlessly connect to enable an entirely new level of intelligent customer engagement across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more. IBM is also strategically investing in its Global Business Services capabilities for Salesforce with a new practice to help clients rapidly deploy the combined IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein capabilities.

Salesforce Einstein was launched in September 2016.

Sep 18, 2016: Salesforce forms research group, launches Einstein A.I. platform that works with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud

For those still paying attention... I have been going on and on about this needing to happen for the past three years, on Quora.

Sep 1, 2014: I don't know of another system that integrates more systems, more easily than Salesforce. My main critique of Salesforce is that it is too rigidly focused on conventional business process, and does not allow enough leeway for the Internet of Things, much less for experimental AI....

Nov 13, 2014: Bluemix appears to be an empowerment play to widen the base of developers to include those less proficient in pure coding, along the lines of Salesforce. That said, when Bluemix becomes as user-friendly as Salesforce, only then will I consider it fully baked.

Feb 24, 2015: There needs to be something along the lines of Salesforce that is not exclusively limited to conventional business processes, but something broad enough to include all the possibilities of experimental AI.

Dec 3, 201: I'm most interested in "Lego-ization", and the plug-and-play model, which to some degree would require as yet non-existent standards. Think "Integration Platform as a Service", something along the lines of Salesforce meets MATLAB, up to the challenges of experimental AI of all kinds.

Aug 3, 2016: I want a *visual* middleware, along the lines of the highly modular Salesforce, but for experimental artificial intelligence instead of severely restricted to conventional business solutions.

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