14 February 2007

Marcus Endicott's Second Life Travel Guide

Lately, I've been working on porting my ByronBot (http://www.mendicott.com/byronbay/) over to the currently popular Second Life (http://www.mendicott.com/secondlife/) 3D virtual world.

My ByronBot is built on the Verbots Online (
http://www.verbotsonline.com/) platform.

Metaverse Technology (
http://www.metaversetech.com/) has built a Second Life Chatbot product based on the Pandorabots (http://www.pandorabots.com/) platform.

Pandorabots is based on
Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, rather than the proprietary Verbot KnowledgeBase files.

The Metaverse Technology
S-Bot product combines the Second Life Linden Scripting Language with the Pandorabots AIML.

There is an open source
AIML-Verbot Converter tool going from AIML to VKB, but not vice versa....

So, I've been using the recommended
GaitoBot AIML editor to recreate the ByronBot KnowledgeBase in Pandorabots AIML.

You should be able to find my new Second Life ByronBot near Byron Bay @ 5 O'Clock Somewhere at
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Plush%20Omega/101/21/22 .

Ideally, the Second Life ByronBot will emulate a tourist information officer, of for instance a DMO (Destination Marketing Organization), inside the 3D virtual world... providing information about Byron Bay, Northern New South Wales, Australia.

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