17 April 2007

Google is my back-end

My Travel & Tourism Destination Meta-Guide.com (http://www.meta-guide.com) has a number of new features.

I finally got around to converting the whole site from FrontPage Shared Borders to what is alternately known as a “Dynamic Web Template” or “Dreamweaver Template File” (dwt file).

I’ve really been enjoying the “Random country” option (
http://www.mendicott.com/meta-guide/random.htm) I added to the new “Select country” dropdown menu.

I put my Easter holiday to use by adding google maps to some 240 "countries", which took me about one afternoon to learn. The google maps really add another dimension. Its fun to surf into the linked zooms for all capital cities. Since I previously had spent a lot of time and effort geocoding all the country pages, it was much easier to set-up without having to use the google geocoder.

I've also added a flickr.com widget keyed to the tags "travel" and "countryname", which displays infinite random images of faces of our world... (not only entertaining when used together with the random country feature, but iconically informative as well in an oracular sort of way).

I reduced the number of searches available in the “Search” section, and focused the initial capital city search further by adding the travel and tourism parameter.

The geobot on the home page (
http://www.mendicott.com/meta-guide/) is now talking again, and with a more Commonwealth accent, after a little break… though still taking long to load its large knowledgebase.

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